About Us

The Xembil Incubator provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs who have the passion and firmness to launch and grow businesses that create new jobs, diversify the economy, and enhance the quality of life for all in the community.

About Our Co-working Place

Our international office brand Xembil focuses on innovative office concepts to satisfy our tenants’ requirements. 7 reasons why you should work in a xembil Incubation center:

  • the unique design and high-quality furniture in the office and common areas
  • with noise reducing fit-out and furniture
  • more workspace with approx. 10 sqm/desk compared to the industry standard with 3-5 sqm/desk
  • we are compliant with all health & safety regulations
  • and offer ample daylight at every workspace
  • comfortable room climate
  • a great office infrastructure and services

Space to make your
greatest impact.

People Who Love Our Place