Say hello to your newest McCovey Chronicles factors that can lead!

Say hello to your newest McCovey Chronicles factors that can lead!

You should join me personally in lively Yasi Khan and Steven Kennedy into the team.

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No, theya€™re not just Tim Lincecum, even so they both really like him or her. Pic by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Youa€™ve probable seen several adjustment at McCovey Chronicles recently. First, we produce a document trying newer and more effective authors to participate in the bay area Giants blogosphere (thanks a ton, from your buttocks of our cardio, to any or all that put on). Consequently there’s the generate belonging to the incomparable Sami Higgins.

Now wea€™re adding two brand new people toward the teams: Yasi Khan (she/her) and Steven Kennedy (he/him).

People that take some time inside the comments will distinguish Yasi, that before passed the login name aeatherx. Steven is absolutely not enrolled on the right-margin folks, that we feel like is actually a healthy element for us.

To acquire understand model creators, I got these people respond a few of lifea€™s strongest concerns.

In which does one are living?

Yasi: Ia€™m from (and now in) san francisco bay area, but will likely be animated support to Stanford before long for my favorite definitive yr of university!

Steven: My home is Philadelphia, PA but was raised in north park, CA together with stints in Massachusetts while the gulf locations.

Preciselywhat are we over to if not authoring the leaders?

Yasi: Ia€™m an increasing elder at Stanford majoring in Symbolic programs (concentrating in human-centered artificial intelligence) and minoring in poetry. More pastimes incorporate browsing and writing (poetry and fiction), astronomy, and having fun with the game of tennis!

Steven: we act as a primary university teacher. I love having fun with football, skateboarding and writing.

That your own all-time preferred large?

Yasi: Tim Lincecum. He had been positively captivating, magnetized to the intense, and hea€™s 1st icon from the transforming the TV about for (I happened to be a tad too young to recall Barry Bonds). Buster Posey had been my first jersey, though.

Steven: All-time favorite Leader happens to be Willie Mays. I dona€™t consider any explanation/reasoning ought to be articulated.

Simple all-time ideal monster that Ia€™ve watched games was Tim Lincecum. They ushered around a fresh times after Bonds, a little bit of person in the big guya€™s shadow, positively dealt out for three a very long time, next was required to reinvent themselves as his or her career descended in addition to the Giants ascended, while however contributing to all three championshipsa€”and he then disappearsa€¦.

Understanding what exactly is your preferred leaders ram?

Yasi: Bumgarnera€™s event 7 efficiency in 2014 in Kansas urban area. For some reason, thata€™s the planet television series thata€™s cursed with me one, possibly because I had been the eldest during it. I recall once that Alex Gordon baseball got by Blanco following Perez kicked it and I needed to cover my own face in a pillow, then again Salvador Perez jumped out i could breathe once more. (I additionally learn a Gorkys Hernandez walk-off winnings personally, to ensurea€™s a close second).

Steven: best Giants memory could a-game at AT&T using 80-ish year-old grandpa. You grabbed the CalTrain toward the park from Redwood area. I do think they played the Mets. In my opinion it absolutely was 2009 or 2010. The video game gift would be a pair of black color knee-high clothes that I have in my dresser. We dona€™t recall when Giants won or otherwise not. We won the CalTrain homes.

What publication have you been examining?

Yasi: simply completed a€?American Estrangementa€? by SaA?d Sayrafiezadeh, and cana€™t recommend it enough.

Steven: I am these days reading through a book of performs by Annie Baker.

Precisely what record do you possess on replay immediately?

Yasi: I should find something brand new. but ita€™s nevertheless Ctrl by SZA.

Steven: possibly really boring to say, yet the Beatles include perfect band of them all and they’ll never have older to me. Im constantly paying attention to them as well as the collections i usually pay attention to, the one I always get news from the many certainly is the Beatles (light Album).

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